Top Cities for Public Transportation

Katie LaPotin, Seedlings, February 20, 2012

The United States Census Bureau recently released the 2010 Census Report findings on public transportation use in metropolitan areas to commute to and from work. The report features data for 942 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) across the country.Unsurprisingly New York City came in first place; the report found that 30 percent of all employees use public transportation to get to their jobs. The Bay Area came in a distant second place, with 15 percent of workers commuting via public transportation. According to The Business Journals on Numbers, which first reported the findings, only five other cities have work-related public transportation rates higher than 10 percent: Washington, Boston, Chicago, and two small cities in Florida.

The top 10 MSAs are as follows:

1.    New York City: 30.5%
2.    San Francisco/Oakland: 14.6%
3.    Washington DC: 13.9%
4.    Arcadia, FL: 13.0%
5.    Clewiston, FL: 12.8%
6.    Boston: 11.9%
7.    Chicago: 11.4%
8.    Philadelphia: 9.3%
9.    Bridgeport/Stanford, CT: 9.2%
10.  Elko, NV: 8.7%

You can find out more information about where your city or state ranks here:


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