Conservative Women Still Grossly Underrepresented in Congress

Katie LaPotin, SGP Action Blog, February 27, 2013

Much was said when the 113th Congress was sworn in last month about how it is the most diverse Congress in history (The liberal blog actually has a nice infographic on its websiteillustrating the diversity of Congress’ new members.)

Yet there is still one minority blatantly missing from Congress – conservative women.

Granted, it has not been without trying, as our sister organization ShePAC attempted to do last cycle by endorsing strong conservative candidates like Sarah Steelman, Mia Love and Deb Fischer.

But trying is simply not good enough anymore. According to the U.S. House Archives, only two percent of those elected to serve in Congress have been female, with more than half of them elected in just the last 35 years. And only one woman, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), has held a major leadership position in Congress.

The number of women in Congress is growing with each passing election, just in the wrong direction. The U.S. is still a predominantly conservative nation, as more Americans identify themselves as conservative than either moderate or liberal. At the same time the number of senior citizens who consider themselves to be conservative is on the rise, which is crucial since they are the largest voting bloc in the country.

Out of the 278 women elected to the House of Representatives prior to 2013, only 100 of them have been Republicans, while only 14 of the Senate’s 39 female members belonged to the GOP. So why have we only been electing liberal women to Congress if conservatives make up the largest group of ideological voters in the country?

It’s time we reversed this trend and elected more conservative women to Congress once and for all.

Katie LaPotin is a political strategist and writer with an extensive background in political campaigning. She has worked on and managed several campaigns at all different levels, most recently serving as the Communications Director for a top-tier Congressional race in Virginia during the 2012 cycle. Katie has also worked at both a Republican polling firm and a conservative public relations firm. Katie has a Bachelor’s Degree from American University and a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics. You can follow Katie on Twitter at @krlapotin.

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