Obama apparently doesn’t know his Star Wars from his Star Trek, uses “Jedi Mind Meld” during presser

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, March 1, 2013

Apparently President Barack Obama isn’t as up-to-date on his sci-fi references as he must have thought.

During an impromptu press conference this morning to discuss sequestration, which officially went into effect at midnight last night, the commander-in-chief had an interesting answer to a question posed by CNN’s Jessica Yellin on why he couldn’t do more to prevent the cuts from taking place.

First, the president attempted to remind us of what he’s (supposedly) not. “I am not a dictator; I’m the president,” the president remarked.

He then continued on to say that he can’t perform some sort of “Jedi Mind Meld” on his opponents (i.e. Congressional Republicans).

Unfortunately for the president, there is no such thing as a “Jedi Mind Meld.” It’s really a “Jedi Mind Trick” in Star Wars lore. A “Mind Meld” is actually something from its sci-fi nemesis, Star Trek.

It should be noted that the president’s remarks were made sans-teleprompter.

Shortly after the gaffe the Twitterverse went ablaze, with sci-fi nerds and politicos alike poking fun at the president’s misnomer.

Who knows what sci-fi slip the president (or his second-in-command, who is notorious for these things) will make next?


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