CPAC panel declares that Americans are closer than ever before to getting rid of forced unionism nationwide

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, March 16, 2013

According to the panelists at the CPAC panel “Free at Last! When the Right to Work Came Back to the Midwest” on Friday, Americans are embracing the right-to-work movement and the United States is closer than ever before to eliminating forced unionism nationwide.

“Right-to-work is about freedom,” F. Vincent Vernuccio, Director of Labor Policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said. ”All right-to-work means is that a union cannot get a worker fired for not paying them.”

He discussed how a series of lucky events helped make Michigan the newest right-to-work state in the nation.

“We had a perfect scenario in late 2012, and more than having a perfect scenario we had the right people in the right places at the right time,” Vernuccio said. “That’s how Michigan went right-to-work.”

The Wolverine State officially becomes a right-to-work state on March 28th.

According to National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix, right-to-work “is as simple as the basic freedoms the country was founded on.”

He noted how Michigan and Indiana, which became a right-to-work state in February 2012, are prime examples of how it actually is possible to end forced unionism nationwide.

“Compulsory unionism has no place in the American experiment, and the people of Michigan are just the latest group to send that message across the country,” Mix said. ”Forced unionism is running scared.

While he acknowledged that the momentum is on our side, Mallory Factor, the author of Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind, pleaded with conservatives to stand up and rally against the union machines that helped re-elect President Obama last November.

“The unions almost singlehandedly won reelection for President Obama in 2012, and they pose a real threat to the Republicans’ ability to take back the White House and the Senate in the near term,” Factor said, adding that without the aid of big labor Romney would have won the key battleground state of Ohio.

Echoing that idea, Ben Shapiro, the Editor-in-Chief of, added that today there is no difference between the unions and the Democratic party.

“The unions are no longer a subset of the Democratic party – the Democratic party is now a subset of the unions,” he said. ”Democratic politicians go to unions for cash, and unions provide that cash and they provide that outside help” quid-pro-quo.

He also stated that it doesn’t make any sense for unions to support President Obama’s comprehensive healthcare law when they already have plans with coverage far superior to that provided by Obamacare.

“Union membership…they all have all these Cadillac plans, they have wonderful healthcare coverage,” he said. “Why would they want to completely destroy their own coverage in order to create a vast bureaucratic scheme that has the ability to take away all of these tremendous Cadillac plans?”


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