Americans still not buying Obama sequestration scare tactics

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, March 27, 2013

It looks like President Obama is the only one who still thinks the sequestration that went into effect earlier this month are evil.

Or so says a new poll released today by Rasmussuen Reports, which found that the sequestration has only had a significant impact on the lives of 12 percent of Americans.  More telling is that more than half of those surveyed said that the sequestration has not had any impact on their daily life.

How can this be? For starters, the automatic budget cuts were largely designed so that they wouldn’t have an impact on the daily lives of the average American person. At the end of the day only 2.4 percent of the total federal budgetwill be cut through sequestration, with half of that going directly toward defense spending. In total, less than $15 billion (out of $1.7 trillion) will be slashed from the government programs that have the biggest impact on ordinary Americans, like Medicare or Social Security.

“As 2.4 percent of the budget, it’s not the end of the world,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told reporters during a “Conversations with Conservatives” press conference in late February. “Would we prefer the cuts not be so — change a little bit and not impact Defense the way they did? Of course. And that’s why we passed the legislation we did last year [to reduce the amount of money slashed from the defense budget].”

The American people are also realizing that the massive layoffs that Obama quipped about – especially among air traffic controllers and teachers – are not likely to come to fruition. In reality, despite the closure of 149 air towers throughout the country in recent weeks, very few (if any) travelers have been impacted by the move. Moreover, while Obama claims that as many as 750,000 Americans will lose their jobs due to sequestration, economists at BNP Paribas found that less than half – 300,000 – are in danger of unemployment.

Perhaps the president should get back to drafting his fiscal year 2014 budget – which is nearly two months late at this point – and not focus on a position that the American people aren’t even buying!


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