Study finds disparity in college preparedness levels between high school, college educators

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert PoliticsApril 18, 2013

Looks like our high schools might not be preparing us for college as well as they thought!

new study released this week by ACT, which makes one of the two standardized tests required for admission at most universities in the U.S., found that a huge disparity exists between high school teachers and college professors on how prepared college freshman are when they first enroll in school.

According to the study, a whopping 89 percent of high school teachers believe their students are fully ready for collegiate studies in their particular field, while only 26 percent of college professors would say the same. This finding has changed little since 2009, when the last study was conducted.

“When high school teachers believe their students are well prepared for college-level courses, but colleges disagree, we have a problem,” Jon Erickson, the ACT’s president of education, said in a statement. “If we are to improve the college and career readiness of our nation’s high school graduates, we must make sure that our standards are aligned between high school and college.”

The study also found that a majority of educators at all levels believe their students have an appropriate level of reading comprehension, but that it decreases as students get older from 96 percent at the elementary school level to 71 percent at the college level.

Iowa City, Iowa-based ACT conducts the survey every three to five years to improve its testing programs. This year’s study included 9,937 educators from around the country in English, writing, math, reading and science.


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