Emerson University students raise $375K for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, April 23, 2013

Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens, students at Emerson University in Boston, wanted to find a way to help out those who were injured or killed by last week’s Boston Marathon bombings.

Thus, the duo designed and marketed a “Boston Strong” t-shirt that, with the help of online silk screening vendor Ink to the People, has already raised more than $375,000 for OneFundBoston. OneFundBoston is the charity established by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino to raise money for the victims of the bombings.

“In the wake of the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon, please show your support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings by buying a Boston Strong shirt from Ink to the People,” Reynolds and Dobens wrote on the project’s Facebook page.

Reynolds and Dobens originally hoped to sell 1,500 shirts, and even got Ink to the People to donate the production costs of those shirts to OneFundBoston. As of Tuesday afternoon, however, more than 35,000 shirts have been ordered with five more days left to buy the shirts. For each shirt sold, $15 goes directly to OneFundBoston.

“The whole thing kind of seems like a fairytale,” Jay Berman, co-founder of Ink to the People, told Mashable. “It’s really amazing what these two kids did from just a laptop in their dorm room; above anything, it really shows the power of social media.”

Emerson University was badly affected by the bombings, which killed three people and injured at least 260 more. According to Boston.com, seven Emerson students were injured during the attacks. The college was closed Tuesday to “provide a day of healing and reflection” for the students.

The pair are not the only college students trying to help their beloved city regroup from the bombings. A group of Boston College students had planned a walk last Friday for those who were unable to finish the marathon; it has since been postponed.


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