Internet trolling group creates insensitive Boston Marathon bombing video game

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, April 23, 2013

Wow…just wow. There are no words.

Two members of the infamous “Lolokaust” group of trolls (warning: website NSFW) have developed a downloadable computer game in which players get to re-enact the horror that was last week’s Boston Marathon bombings.

“Tired of watching the Boston Marathon disaster on TV? Well now you can live it,” the narrator in the YouTube trailer for the game says.

In the game, the player attempts to run the Boston Marathon without being hit by a pressure cooker bomb. If the runner fails to jump over the bombs in time – well, you can imagine the rest from there.

Lokokaust is known for its incredibly offensive website. On its front page alone are cartoons featuring LAPD cop killer Christopher DornerSandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza and Adolf Hitler.

You can watch the NSFW YouTube trailer for the game or download your own copy of the game at


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