All the places Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee will go

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, April 29, 2013

While most Washington politicians are paring down their expenses because of sequestration, one Congresswoman is busy travelling the world on the taxpayer dime.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) spent nearly $24,000 in February on a seven-day trip to the Far East. While Jackson Lee’s visit was affiliated with a CODEL sponsored by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, she travelled separately and did not stay for the entire trip – thus accruing the extra costs.

So where did Jackson Lee go?

South Korea

South Korean flag

Jackson Lee met up with the CODEL in Seoul, South Korea on February 16, and remained there through the 19th. Her time in South Korea cost taxpayers $1,552.40. She also spent $19,969.70 on transportation to and from the Far East.


Vietnam Flag

After leaving South Korea, Jackson Lee and the CODEL went to Vietnam, where they stayed from February 19-21. Her time in Vietnam cost taxpayers $1,402.26.


Cambodian flag

Jackson Lee and the CODEL then went to Cambodia, however she broke off from the CODEL shortly after arriving. Nonetheless, the American taxpayers were forced to pick up her $142 hotel no-show charge.


German flag

Jackson Lee’s return flight took her through Germany, where she billed the American taxpayers $580.00.


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