Rebuffing critics, Chris Christie calls himself ‘a damn good Republican’

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, May 10, 2013

New Jersey Gov. Christie has fired back at those who don’t view him as conservative enough to represent the Republican brand on the national stage.

“Is it a fair question to ask that if you ran as a Republican for president of the United States, what Republican Party do you see that would support your candidacy out there right now? How would you survive a primary process on the current set-up of the Republican Party?” NBC’s Brian Williams asked Christie during an interview for Friday night’s episode of his show, “Rock Center.”

“Listen, I think very well. I’ll worry about the presidency if and when I ever decide to run for it,” Christie replied. “But if you’re saying to me, ‘How do I feel as a Republican?’ I’m a damn good Republican and a good conservative Republican who believes in the things that I believe in.”

Christie was famously snubbed earlier this year when the American Conservative Union – the organization behind the annual Conservative Political Action Conference – declined to invite the governor to this year’s meeting in National Harbor, Md.

Hoping to end the discussion over the motives behind his recent lap-band surgery, Christie also reiterated once again that his decision was strictly personal – and was in no way affected by his political ambitions.

“I wasn’t trying to make a public statement about this, I wasn’t trying to make a political statement about this,” hesaid over speakerphone to “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough during Thursday night’s POLITICO Playbook Cocktails.“It was a really difficult intense personal decision that I consulted with doctors, I spent a lot of time talking to Mary Pat, and the children beforehand …and so it was an intensely personal decision to do this.”

“I felt it was just my business, not anybody else’s,” Christie later added.


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