[WATCH] Jon Stewart bashes Obama administration for lack of “managerial competence” in IRS scandal

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, May 14, 2013

Hold your horses, Obama. “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart isn’t letting you off the IRS scandal hook just yet.

The Comedy Central host ripped into the president on his show Monday night, arguing that the Obama administration’s lack of “managerial competence” has given new fuel to his conservative critics. According to Stewart, the scandal – which involves the federal agency admitting that it had been improperly targeting conservative groups with extra scrutiny – has now “shifted the burden of proof from the tin foil-behatted to the government.”

“Well, congratulations, President Barack Obama,” Stewart said. “Conspiracy theorists who generally can survive in anaerobic environments have just had an algae bloom dropped on their fucking heads, thus removing the last arrow in your pro-governance quiver: skepticism about your opponents.”

He continued by pointing out that the IRS was only attacking conservative groups. ”While the tax-exempt status that all political groups get is kinda bulls**t, it’s bulls**t that should at least be granted fairly and equitably – spread around evenly if you will. So unlike much of the Benghazi inquiry, this seems like a genuine scandal.”

Stewart also took some potshots at Lois Lerner, the IRS director who not only apologized to the nation but also admitted that she’s not very good at math.

“I didn’t realize apologies were sufficient in IRS-related issues,” Stewart quipped before admitting that he reported owning farm on his tax report – when all he really had was a salad!

“That’s a good one, lady who works at the place that calculates people’s taxes!” he later added.


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