Romney calls for special counsel to look into Obama administration after IRS scandal

Katie LaPotin and Meghan Keenan, Red Alert PoliticsMay 20, 2013

While he is admittedly unable to “be objective” about the scandals plaguing his former opponent’s administration in recent weeks, former presidential candidate and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney believes that a special counsel should be brought in to investigate why the Internal Revenue Service was improperly targeting and applying extra scrutiny to the filings made by conservative organizations.

“The buck stops at the president’s desk,” Romney told NBC’s “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno Friday. “He’s indicated he wants to look into it and take – and has already taken action to remove the head of the IRS. But nonetheless, you ask ‘Ok, was this appropriate? Why was it happening? Who knew it was allowed to happen? Who knew what when?’ And then the other part of the concern is that were individuals being audited – individuals who donated to Republicans or to my campaign or to others – was that being used as a weapon, just an audit? So there are two facets of this that are going to be looked into, and my own view is that a special counsel should be appointed because only a special counsel can investigate an administration.”

“The president is saying that he and his team will look into it, but frankly they can’t investigate themselves,” Romney added.

The former Bay State governor also thinks that it’s scandals like the IRS one that show why the American people have issues trusting the federal government.

“Well who knows whether the direction and the information came from the top or the lower levels and why it was done,” Romney said. “But I think the real issue is not so much did the president himself make a call, alright, but instead do we have trust that the Internal Revenue Service is independent of politics, independent of personal grudges. There’s been a breach of trust by our government associated with the IRS that’s very troubling to people and that’s something which has to be cleared up.”

Even Jay Leno agreed with Romney, commenting that “when the head of the IRS gets fired, we can all applaud!”


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