MSNBC’s Al Sharpton convinced Benghazi, IRS scandals are overhyped by GOPers who can’t “scandal the truth”

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, May 23, 2013

Someone please give The Rev. Al Sharpton a debriefing on the events of the past few weeks, where employees at the Internal Revenue Service and State Department admitted to partaking in their respective scandals, because he’s still convinced that both controversies are just being overhyped by Republicans who aren’t able to “scandal the truth.”

“Republicans are obsessed with the IRS and Benghazi and a host of other conspiracy theories, but the president and the American people know what’s really important,” Sharpton said on his MSNBC show “Politics Nation” Wednesday.

The Obama administration has come under intense scrutiny in past weeks after it was revealed that the IRS had been improperly targeting conservative organizations, applying extra scrutiny to their tax filings and even holding up applications for nonprofit status in some cases. The same day, it was revealed that the White House had altered several of its talking points on the terrorist attack at the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi back in September 2012, which resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Unfortunately, Sharpton’s not alone in this belief. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff is convinced it’s just a big hoopla over nothing as well.

“We heard testimony yet again from the intelligence community today that there was no political spin, no bias, no effort to protect Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama…that the talking points were written by the intelligence community, there were revisions made under the supervising capability of the CIA and other intelligence agencies for legitimate, non-political reasons,” the California lawmaker told Sharpton. “So if anyone was still interested, once again debunk the whole idea that these were spun somehow and made very clear that this was an intelligence community-driven process.”

Sharpton also had his pal at MSNBC, analyst Karen Finney, confirm for the American people that the ‘Culture of Intimidation’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) hinted at on “Meet the Press” last Sunday is far less worse than the Tom Delay/Jack Abramoff scandal back in 2005-2006.

“It’s so offensive, because clearly what they’re trying to do is link this all together, and by innuendo, make it seem as though this ‘Culture of Intimidation’ culture, they’re trying to even still ‘Culture of Corruption”… I would remind you that in 2005-2006 – because I was at the DNC at the time, I know this – we talked about a ‘Culture of Corruption,’ but we were talking about [former House Majority Leader] Tom Delay and his pay-to-play system which got in the way of the people’s business,” Karen Finney told the Rev. “When we were talking about a ‘Culture of Corruption,’ there really were links to the White House. There really were crimes being committed.”

Arguably the worst part, however, was when Sharpton and Schiff attempted to argue that Republicans don’t have any evidence tying Obama and his administration to the two scandals – since copies of emails and real apologizes from employees aren’t enough proof in their minds!

“That’s exactly right…They don’t have any evidence and they don’t have anyone whose even come forward to say ‘Oh yes, the White House instructed that we do this or we felt pressure to do that’,” Schiff said. “Even what we’ve gathered so far from the IRS isn’t suggesting any kind of direction from the White House or any ‘Culture of Intimidation’, which just seems ludicrous.”

“But it doesn’t matter anymore,” he added. “Here on the Hill it’s become such an antipathy toward the president that they’re willing to level any accusation, no matter how little or no proof whatsoever…it’s just now part of this institution which is tragic.”


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