Sens. Johnson and Lee: Americans are right to be frustrated over dysfunctional federal government

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, June 13, 2013

Not only do Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) think Washington is too big and dysfunctional – they believe that the American people are right to be frustrated with their elected politicians in D.C. for making the nation’s capitol that way.

The two senators spoke about how dysfunctional Washington is at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to the Majority 2013 luncheon at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. Thursday.

“You see Congressional approval ratings of 10 percent, nine percent, 13 percent…whatever. First of all, that’s too high,” Johnson said to a packed audience erupting in laughter. “It’s impossible to convey the dysfunction of Washington, D.C., but that’s a surprise.”

He wishes that America would take its outrage at the federal government – particularly in reference to the many scandals engulfing President Obama’s administration of late – and instead put it toward electing politicians who won’t keep “growing this place.”

“It surprises me that…why does at least a majority to continue to elect politicians that are dedicated to growing this place,” he said. “Witnessing the IRS scandal, witnessing the lies surrounding Benghazi, witnessing the very legitimate concerns about the NSA. I wish America would take that outrage, that concern of loss of freedom that those examples represent, and apply that in a broader sense.”

“We have got to be looking at the big picture, we have got to apply this dysfunction – this moment in history where America is rightfully distrusting the federal government over these other scandals,” he added.

Evoking the poet Robert Frost, Lee later told the audience that the “road to the majority” – the conference’s theme and the one they should be taking to keep Washington from becoming a dysfunctional mess – is the usually the road less travelled.

“Unfortunately around here, the road for conservatives is usually the road not taken,” he said, adding that he believes that conservatives often fall into a big government trap upon arriving in D.C.

Lee stressed, however, that taking the road less travelled doesn’t mean giving Americans a bigger and stronger government, but rather one that stresses hard work and helping out others to make society as a whole better.

“The alternative to big government is not small government,” he said. “The alternative to big government is a thriving flourishing nation, a thriving flourishing nation of cooperative communities where your success depends on your service to others.”

“Our movement is always identified with those Americans who thru hard work and determination can climb the ladder of success…and we always should,” Lee later added.


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