Texas Gov. Rick Perry shown some ‘Yankee hospitality’ by Conn. Gov. Dan Malloy

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, June 18, 2013

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) wasn’t too thrilled that Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) was visiting his state. In fact, he decided to welcome Perry with some “Yankee hospitality” as a sign of his disappointment in the Texas governor.

Perry was visiting Connecticut in the hopes of persuading gun manufacturers like Stag ArmsPTR Industries and Sturm Ruger & Co to move to Texas.

“I just thought it would be an appropriate thing, since you guys were all so interested in all this, that I should welcome him to the state,” Malloy told reporters outside a meeting Perry was hosting at a restaurant in downtown Hartford Monday.

Malloy then continued to jab the Texas governor, suggesting that Perry instead ”talk about Texas’ higher crime rate, the higher murder rate, and higher assault rate,” according to the Hartford Business Journal.

Perry was all class, however, insisting that his meeting had been completely cordial and that Malloy was very hospitable to him during the visit.

“It’s a rough business. I get that,” Perry told reporters Monday, according to the Connecticut News Junkie. “But so is competition on an athletic field. I hope we can shake hands, realize that we’re just competitors. We’re all Americans first. Your governor was hospitable and civil today and I greatly appreciate that. I hope I am able to reflect that when and if other governors come to my home state, even if they’re in great competition.”

In April, Malloy signed into law several bills that place severe restrictions on gun ownership in the state. Among the restrictions are a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks on all gun sales and the creation of a “dangerous weapons offender registry” to track those convicted of gun crimes in the state.

Perry also plans to visit New York during his trip to New England, which also passed new gun control laws earlier this year. The visit is part of his $1 million campaign to encourage gun manufacturers in states that have recently passed gun control laws to move to Texas.


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