Public expectations for Obamacare at record lows according to new polls

Katie LaPotin and Meghan Keenan, Red Alert Politics, July 25, 2013

The American public’s expectations for President Obama’s signature legislative policy hit new lows this week, as two independent polls found that voters just aren’t that excited about the upcoming implementation of Obamacare.

Just 35 percent of Americans actually think Obamacare will make things better for them according to a study by United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connectionsreleased Monday, down from 43 percent last September.

Moreover, 51 percent of American adults question the federal government’s ability to implement the program, and believe that it will lead to other government problems – a key talking point that the GOP has used for years in its quest to repeal the program.

A separate study by CBS News released Wednesday found 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and that four in ten Americans want the law repealed in its entirety – the highest it’s ever been in a CBS poll since its passage in 2010.

“The health care law is a chronic issue for the White House,” CBS News political director John Dickerson said on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday. “There’s an operational part to this, which is that the White House has got to get people to sign up for these health exchanges, particularly younger, healthier Americans, and so they are tactically running a campaign much like the presidential campaign, reaching out, using the techniques of that campaign to get younger people to sign up for these health exchanges.”

Likely sensing this, the White House has in recent weeks reached out to entertainment industry figures and sports teams in an attempt to promote the law to young people – who will play the critical role of subsidizing the program for older generations. These efforts haven’t made a big impact thus far, however, and the reports of rising premiums for Millennials are causing more and more of them to consider opting out of purchasing health insurance.


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