CVS Caremark to help market Obamacare

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, July 26, 2013

Finally President Obama found someone to help him promote his signature legislative policy in advance of its implementation in January.

CVS Caremark, one of the largest pharmacies in the U.S., announced Thursday that it will provide information for the uninsured to learn about the new healthcare laws at its 7,400 stores nationwide, including information on how low-income Americans can have access to subsidized insurance coverage through state based-insurance exchanges.

“Half of people who are eligible for a subsidy don’t know they’re eligible,” Helena Foulkes, chief health care strategy and marketing officer at CVS Caremark, told POLITICO.

She added that the pharmacy company will also have trained “navigators” at their stores and at hundreds of healthcare fairs nationwide to help eligible Americans sign up for the health exchanges in October.

“We’re planning pretty close to Oct. 1 to use stores as a place where people can get information,” Foulkes told The Wall Street Journal.

The drug store chain also released a survey Thursday which found that nearly half of all Americans eligible for subsidized insurance plans aren’t aware of the fact, and that 36 percent of Americans likely to enroll in healthcare exchange programs need more information on and help with the process.

Earlier this month, Walgreens – one of CVS’s primary competitors – teamed up with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to help promote the new law as well.

While CVS and Walgreens seem to be embracing the program, several companies have announced in recent weeksthat they will actually stop covering their employees’ healthcare plans or cut back hours for employees as a result of the law. Among these companies are fast food chain White Castle and grocery store Wegmans.


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