[WATCH] MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compare GOP to white defenders of Apartheid

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, July 30, 2013

Noted Barack Obama and African-American defender Chris Matthews has devoted yet another segment of his MSNBC show to race relations in the U.S. and the GOP oppression of minorities.

The progressive talk show host essentially declared Monday that the Republican party is akin to the whites who defended the Apartheid in South Africa last century while discussing the voter ID laws of several states with Wade Henderson, the president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

“It does look like it’s almost like South Africa to this extent: You have a white – what’s the word – feeble minority. It’s losing its majority status,” Matthews told Henderson.  ”And it says, the Republican Party, we can only get so many white votes. So, we got to reduce the votes of others. It does look that way. Only the – Maybe you’re non-partisan, but only Republicans have pushed this in these 31 states. No Democratic legislature. You gotta look at the pattern here. You talk about profiling. I’m sorry, Republicans do this stuff.”

Fortunately, Henderson was put off by the host’s comments and quickly deflected it in his response.

“Look, you’ve stated a point. In fact, can’t challenge that. I think, though, that the President did something that was really important,” he said.

Watch the full exchange, which also features National Urban League president Marc Morial, below.


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