[WATCH] Rep. Paul Ryan on Obama’s pivot away from so-called “phony scandals”

Meghan Keenan & Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, August 1, 2013

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan blasted the Obama administration on FOX News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” Wednesday night, accusing them of pivoting away from the “phony” scandals that broke in May as if they were still in “campaign mode.”

Ryan was specifically referring to the admission by senior Internal Revenue Service officials that they improperly targeted with extra scrutiny conservative non-profits, the State Department’s failure to call the bombing at the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi a terrorist act, and the Department of Justice wiretapping the phone records of several Associated Press journalists and editors.

“This is just arrogance of power,” Ryan told Susteren. “They’re in campaign mode and they’re just ignoring this.”

“Look, you need to have trust in the government for the government to work effectively, and when our government knowingly targets people based on their political beliefs through the tax code – when our government misleads the country about a terrorist attack in Benghazi – that erodes trust. And then when our commander-in-chief says this is ‘phony,’ that there’s no reason to be concerned about this, that there’s nothing to see here, that’s just arrogance,” he continued.

The 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate also noted how hypocritical Obama’s administration is being, given that there’s already evidence of the improper actions by the IRS and the State Department.

“You can’t suggest that this is phony when we already know, and have on record that they targeted people based upon their political beliefs,” he said.

Several top Obama administration officials – including Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer– have called the scandals “phony” in recent weeks as well.

Watch the exchange below.


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