[WATCH] MSNBC’s Al Sharpton claim NRA is out to get pandas

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, August 7, 2013

Pandas are among the cutest animals in the world, and yet the Rev. Al Sharpton thinks the National Rifle Association is out to get them.

“The NRA is out with a brand-new enemies list,” theMSNBC host said on “Politics Nation” Wednesday night. “Topping the list – this guy – that’s right, Yun Zi, from the San Diego Zoo…just celebrated his fourth birthday. And the NRA considers him and the rest of the liberal do-gooders at the zoo to be ‘threats to freedom’.”

While the NRA did make an announcement Friday, that announcement did not include pandas – or any other zoo animal. Rather, it was a new plan for its project “Hunt for Truth,” which will target scientists, environmental groups, government regulators and people who support banning the use of lead in gun ammunition.

“Anti-lead ammunition groups will not rest until all lead ammunition, and ultimately hunting, is banned,” the gun lobby claimed in a Friday press release, as reported by The Huffington Post

Moreover, according to HuffPo, as of Monday the NRA had yet to specifically list the scientists – not animals – it planned to target through “Hunt for Truth.”

That didn’t stop the Reverend from poking fun at the NRA’s past so-called “enemies” lists – or its executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre.

“Call you crazy?” Sharpton said in reference to LaPierre. “I’ll take a pass on that…Did the NRA think we’ll ignore their latest dive off the deep end?”

“And leave the poor pandas alone,” he added.

Watch the Reverend’s diatribe below.


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