Urban Outfitters applies for liquor license at new Brooklyn store

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, September 16, 2013

Clothing might not be the only thing you can buy at Urban Outfitters’ new Brooklyn store pretty soon.

The Philadelphia-based company has applied for a liquor license for a store it’s currently constructing in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City,according to The New York Daily News

Many residents are confused about why the company, which is known for its quirky and controversial clothes and accessories, needs a functioning bar within its premises when there are several restaurants and bars in the area. Urban Outfitters is one of 37 new applicants for a liquor license in that area of Brooklyn hoping to join the 106 businesses already serving liquor in the neighborhood.

“I can’t think of a circumstance for which it would be appropriate for Urban Outfitters to have a liquor license,” New York City Councilman Stephen Levine, a Democrat, told the Daily News. “We must ask ourselves, ‘Do we really want people drunk when they are buying their skinny jeans and ironic T-shirts?’”

Added local resident Alicia Cantor-Palm, who told the Daily News that she’s already skeptical of Urban Outfitters coming to Brooklyn: “The whole point of bars in this neighborhood is that they are owned by people who live here. They are small local businesses.”

Urban Outfitters’ license request, which was filed with the State Liquor Authority last month, will be reviewed before the board’s liquor authority review committee on October 3.

It’s not wholly uncommon to enjoy alcohol while shopping in New York City. Many high-end retailers on Fifth Avenue have been providing patrons with complementary glasses of champagne or wine for years, with the trend quickly escalating to men’s boutiques as detailed in this 2011 New York Times article.

h/t The New York Daily News


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