Democrats continue to overhype Obamacare’s ‘early successes’

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, October 3, 2013

Somehow, someway, even with the government shutdown and the fact that government websites are down Americans are still signing up for the Obamacare exchanges in droves – and Democrats nationwide couldn’t be happier.

For example, Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes couldn’t help but boast on Twitter Wednesday that in the program’s first two days a whopping 373 people have enrolled in the exchanges. On the program’s first day, however, Connecticut enrolled just 167 people – just 0.59 percent of visitors to the website.

Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed couldn’t help but brag about the healthcare exchange in his state, either.

“It is open for business starting on October 1, with significant interest by the public,” the state’s senior senator boasted in a speech on the senate floor Thursday. “There are 3,000 page hits per minute in Rhode Island as it opened up on October 1st, which I’m told with the technologies is an amazing number. There were 2,000 calls to our call center – people who were looking for insurance, to buy it in a private marketplace – which is the core of the Affordable Care Act.

Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.) even told Breitbart News Tuesday that the problems people were experiencing while signing up for the exchanges were in fact due to the program’s popularity, not the government shutdown.

“Well I don’t know of any [glitches]. What I know is so many people by the hundreds—thousands—millions—showed up today and anytime you have people showing up trying to get or receive health care insurance that could cause some problems, but I haven’t heard of anything major,” he said. “I think there may have been an overload, because so many people showed up all across America at the same time.”

On the West Coast, Covered California, the organization managing the Golden State’s exchanges, reported having five million hits on its website Tuesday. Those numbers were subsequently revised to a mere 645,000. Moreover, the state reportedly only registered 0.58 percent of website visitors that day.

The Los Angeles Times later reported that the inflated number was the result of “internal miscommunication.”

“Someone misspoke and thought it was indeed 5 million hits. That was incorrect,” Dana Howard, a spokesman for Covered California, told the paper.

And in Nevada, the state’s coop in charge of the exchanges tweeted Wednesday that “multiple people” had already bought health insurance plans.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Kentucky reported the highest enrollment rates thus far, with 5.3 percent of website visitors successfully enrolling in the state’s exchanges. New York, on the other hand, managed to enroll just 0.32 percent of website visitors.

So much for Obamacare being a great success! At least we can take solace in the fact that more unique users visited the websites of the federal government’s 36 marketplaces nationwide in the program’s first two days than visit the website for Southwest Airlines in a month. After all, if White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said it, it must be true.


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