[WATCH] Rep. Marsha Blackburn offers to bake Obama cookies if he agrees to negotiate with GOP

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, October 4, 2013

Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn has offered President Obama a rather unique bribe to get him to the negotiating table.

Blackburn offered to bake the president cookies, should he and Senate Democrats agree to work with Congressional Republicans on the budget, the continuing resolution and debt ceiling, during an interview withCNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday afternoon.

“We wanted solutions. We wanted the Senate to work with us on the budget, on the CR, on the debt ceiling,” the Tennessee Republican said. “We want them to work with us on getting this out of control spending under control.”

“I got to wrap it up. You just heard the president say he wants to negotiate. He wants to work with you on all of these issues,” Blitzer asked.

“Come on down, I’ll bake cookies,” Blackburn quipped back. “We are greeting him with open arms and an invitation, we have been hopeful that on behalf of the American people and future generations he would agree to sit with us at a negotiating table and he would agree to work these issues out.”

Incidentally, the president and his veep visited D.C. eatery Taylor Gourmet for lunch Friday to thank the owners for offering furloughed employees a 10 percent discount (and a free cookie) during the shutdown. The duo did pay for their meals, however, since they weren’t furloughed.

Watch Blackburn make her offer below.


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