D.C. bartender to charge Obama $702 for beer, thanks to Obamacare

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, October 7, 2013

One D.C. bartender has come up with a very creative way to express his feelings toward the government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act.

Steve Hadley, a bartender at Sonoma, has decided to help out the workers who frequent the Capitol Hill eatery at by creating special “beer pricing” during the entirety of the government shutdown, according to BuzzfeedBecause many of them work on the Hill, and are thus furloughed, he’s charging them a mere $2 for a beer.

Members of Congress, however, will be charged $25 for a pint because, “They are all still getting paid plenty.”

The big winner when it comes to Hadley’s pricing scheme, however, is Obama – whose tab would be a whopping $702 for a single drink. Why? Hadley told Buzzfeed that his Obamacare penalty is $700 next year; he then added the extra $2 for good measure.

Good for Hadley!

h/t Buzzfeed



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