N.H. GOP headquarters vandalized with pro-Obamacare message

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, October 14, 2013

The question of whether Jesus would have supported President Obama’s Affordable Care act is up for debate in New Hampshire after Obamacare supporters vandalized the New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s Concord headquarters.

According to a tweet sent out by the committee Monday morning, the words “WWJD Healthcare for everyone” were written in all capital letters and in green paint on the side of the building Friday afternoon.

NH GOP tweet

“Our building was clearly vandalized by liberal political activists who disagree with our fiscally responsible values,” NHGOP Executive Director Matt Slater said in a statement released Monday. “Instead of trying to engage in a serious debate about the issues facing our country, these cowardly extremists decided to spread their liberal agenda by damaging on our property. This type of outrageous and illegal political activism should be condemned by the New Hampshire Democrat Party. They need to send a clear message to liberal activists that their shameful tactics have no place in politics.”

The state committee also called on the its Democratic counterpart to denounce a party staffer after learning he tweeted that the vandalism was “hilarious” and that Republicans “hate Christ” for opposing Obamacare over the weekend.

Courtesy of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee

Courtesy of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee

“It is outrageous that a high-ranking staffer for a prominent Democrat elected official would call vandalism to our headquarters ‘hilarious’ and say that it means Republicans ‘hate Christ.’ Senator Martha Fuller Clark and the New Hampshire Democrat Party need to immediately condemn these despicable comments and make it clear that they do not condone vandalism in politics,” Slater also said in a statement released Monday.

The state committee has reported the incident to police and is seeking estimates to determine cleaning or repair costs, according to The Daily Caller. A police report will not be issued until Tuesday, however, as a result of the Columbus Day holiday weekend.


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