Actress Bette Midler claims GOP is as bad as the Taliban

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, October 16, 2013

It’s no secret that Bette Midler isn’t a fan of Republicans, but the ”Hocus Pocus” actress took it a bit too far when she equated the Grand Old Party to the Taliban on Twitter Wednesday.

What a humiliating waste of time and energy this shutdown has been. The House GOP are as bad as the Taliban.

11:48 AM – 16 Oct 2013

This wasn’t the first time Midler criticized the right for the shutdown. On Monday the “Beaches” actress called out the Koch Brothers and the conservative organizations she claims they fund for supporting the government shutdown. (Sorry Bette, but out of the organizations you listed only Americans for Prosperity is funded by the brothers).

Tea Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, Club for Growth, funded by Kochs. These are the folks responsible for shutdown.

Are the Koch Bros going to get what they wished for?

In addition, on July 4th Midler praised the United Kingdom on Twitter for having universal healthcare. (Guess she forgot about the impending start of Obamacare on January 1.)

Perhaps Bette is better off sticking to acting, and not spreading falsities about American history to the world.


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