[WATCH] Jimmy Kimmel discusses gov’t shutdown with real kids

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, October 17, 2013

Since so many Americans think the federal government has acted like a bunch of kids over the past few weeks, Jimmy Kimmel did the obvious on Wednesday night’s show – ask a group of real kids what they thought about D.C.

Kimmel unveiled his newest segment “Kids Table” just in time for Washington to end the shutdown, yet it still provided more answers about why the government shut down on Oct. 1 than many politicians have been able to muster in recent weeks.

In the kids’ minds, the “government shut down parks, and people who work for the government,” according to 7-year-old panelist Brayden.

“The government should step it up and stop being little cry babies and make up their mind,” 6-year-old Braxton added.

The panel even had some creative suggestions for paying back the nation’s debt to China: building a wall around China and killing everyone in China. (Sorry kids, but there is already a “Great Wall” in China …) That is, until, they had some debate over whether people should actually pay back their debts.

The kids also couldn’t figure out how to say and spell the commander-in-chief’s name.

“Marack Obama,” the group collectively seemed to utter, before spelling his name as something along the lines of “Marockaba.”

Watch the hilarious, gummy worm-filled segment here.


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