15 colleges you should attend if you want to become a millionaire

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, November 7, 2013

College ranking lists are a dime-a-dozen, but if you’re biggest goal post-graduation is to get rich, then this is the list for you.

British financial magazine Spear’s and British investment firm WealthInsight released earlier this week a list of the world’s top 100 universities for producing millionaires. To compile the list, WealthInsight went through a database of 70,000 dollar millionaires in more than 200 countries nationwide to see where they attended school.

The firm also found that graduates with engineering degrees are the most likely to become millionaires, followed closely behind by those with MBAs or degrees in law, accounting and finance.

“You would expect to see a high number of scientific or financial degrees in the top 10, like engineering, commerce and accounting,” WealthInsight analyst Oliver Williams said, according to Times Higher Education. “But, interestingly, few of these degrees turn out to be outright vocational; most engineering graduates, for example, are not engineers but entrepreneurs. The same goes for most law and politics graduates, who owe their fortunes not to practising their professions but climbing the ranks of the financial services sector.”

So, without further ado, here are the top 15 schools in the world for becoming a millionaire in life.


1. Harvard University

Harvard University logo

2. Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School shield

3. Stanford University

Stanford University

4. University of California

University of California

5. Columbia University

Columbia University

6. University of Oxford

Oxford University Seal

7.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT logo

8. New York University

New York University

9. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge logo

10. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania logo

11. Cornell University

Cornell University Seal

12. University of Michigan

University of Michigan

13. Yale University


14. University of Chicago

University of Chicago seal


INSEAD business school France


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