[WATCH] Fox News guest claims al Qaeda could’ve run Obamacare better than the president

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert PoliticsNovember 12, 2013

The implementation of Obamacare has been so bad, according to a recent guest on Fox News, that the terrorist organization al Qaeda could have run the program more efficiently.

Robert Laszewski, a former insurance executive and the president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, made that assertion to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Monday night.

“The federal health care exchange is simply not going to be working” by January 1st, he said. “The Health and Human Services Department held a briefing on Friday, a progress report, and said every time they find something broken, they fix it, and then find something else broken. This is just a disaster. Al Qaeda couldn’t have run this worse than the Obama Administration has run Healthcare.gov.”

Laszewski also added that he had been in contact with several insurers, who confirmed the bleak enrollment numbers released by The Wall Street Journal Monday. According to the Journalless than 50,000 Americans have successfully purchased private insurance through the Healthcare.gov website. Despite the website’s many technical issues, the number represents about one-tenth of the Obama Administration’s initial enrollment target.

“The numbers the Wall Street Journal reported, 50,000, are accurate,” Lasczewski said. “They jibe with the numbers I have been hearing. More than that. It’s 50,000 people, but it works out to about 50 people per state per day. Do the math. 30 days, 36 states, 50 people a day…That’s the trickle that’s getting through Healthcare.gov right now. Very, very few people are able to make it through this gauntlet.”

Watch the exchange below.


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