[WATCH] Students at Illinois university can’t identify what party Abraham Lincoln belonged to

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, November 19, 2013

It’s not bad enough that an Illinois university misidentified former President Abraham Lincoln as a Democrat on a plaque, but now its students are blissfully unaware of the party the “Great Emancipator” belonged to.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk recently visited Northeastern Illinois University, where he set out to discover if it was just the administration that couldn’t figure out the Civil War president’s political affiliation.

“What’s that? Something must be wrong here – it says that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat,” Kirk exclaims while standing in front of the plaque. “I thought Lincoln was a Republican – let me Google this real quick: Abraham Lincoln, Republican.”

Kirk then walked around campus to see if the students knew better. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t.

“Can I get some options,” one girl asked.

Several others seemed convinced that he was a Democrat, or just plainly shook their heads to signify that they didn’t know.

Turning Point USA released the video to pressure the university into replacing the plaque with one that is factually correct. The school is in the “Land of Lincoln,” after all!

Watch the video below.


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