NRCC offering holiday-themed items at its online store

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, December 2, 2013

NRCC Be Rid of Obamacare t-shirt

Courtesy of the National Republican Congressional Committee

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite Republican family member or friend? Then check out the National Republican Congressional Committee’s online store, which is now offering holiday-themed clothing and accessories just in time for the holiday rush.

The store even held several Black Friday sales advertised on Twitter.

Among the festive gifts you can buy your favorite Republicans are vintage Bush-Cheney ’00 t-shirts“Not Afraid to Say Merry Christmas” t-shirts‘Republican’ glass ornaments decorated with elephants and “All I Want for Christmas is to Be Rid of Obamacare” t-shirts.

“Our digital strategy is to create innovative, fun, and engaging content that conservatives will want to share,” NRCC press secretary Andrew Clark told Red Alert Politics in an email. “The NRCC store, with products like our ‘All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Rid of ObamaCare t-shirts,’ is another chapter in that strategy. We’re continuing to prove that we can compete with, and beat, Democrats on all parts of the digital field.”

Pajamas Media and Hot Air readers can also get an additional 20 percent discount through Monday for “being awesome.”

This piece has been updated. 


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