Univ. of Alabama apologizes for ‘Obama’s America’ cartoon deemed to be ‘racist’

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, December 6, 2013

Obama's America cartoon - Alabama Crimson White

Courtesy of the Alabama Crimson White

The University of Alabama is dealing with even more claims of racism after the student newspaper The Crimson White published a cartoon was forced to apologize for running a cartoon depicting the event’s oflast week’s Iron Bowl stunner in “Obama’s America.”

During the final seconds of the Iron Bowl, which is played annually between then top-ranked Alabama and their in-state rival Auburn, an Auburn player recovered a missed field goal kick by Alabama and returned it for the winning touchdown. The cartoon was meant to depict the confusion that many Alabama students felt after the touchdown was scored.

“The cartoon was meant as satire, but unfortunately it has been perceived by many readers as having racist intentions,” Mazie Bryant, the paper’s editor-in-chief, penned in Thursday’s paper.

Bryant’s editorial continued:

“The cartoon, in fact, was intended as a lighthearted look at some of the more absurd explanations given for Alabama’s collapse at the end of the Iron Bowl game against Auburn last Saturday. Many fans across the state took to social media and personal platforms to place blame for the team’s loss. To The Crimson White, and much of the student body, the blame was based on ridiculous and unfounded reasons.

Unfortunately, many people have developed an unhealthy opinion that all of the problems the United States has faced is a direct result of the decisions President Barack Obama has made during his terms as president. To place blame for the problems of the world on one man’s shoulders is not only disrespectful to our country’s leader, but also a scapegoat, devaluing the real roots of the problems themselves.

This cartoon was, by no means, intended to be racist or insulting. It was the unfortunate product of editorial oversight and a lack of a critical eye in determining possible implications the cartoon could have. This mistake will not be made again.”

Several students didn’t think the cartoon was that funny.

“Obviously the joke is that Obama can be blamed for things that have nothing to do with him,” Sho Asa, a student told the local Fox affiliate. “It supposed to be a joke but it can kinda be taken too far.”

Added fellow student Patrick Gordon: “It’s supposed to be a joke, but its kinda dumb. Thats just my opinion.”

The paper has decided to make sure more people are involved in the decision-making process when it comes to choosing future editorial cartoons.


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