[WATCH] Megyn Kelly on Leno: “I’m not one of the opinion hosts at Fox”

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, December 10, 2013

Unlike her competitors at MSNBC, which are well-known for their opinionated reportingFox News host Megyn Kelly considers herself to be one of the few “straight news anchors” left on cable news – and not the “conservative operative” she’s been accused in the past of being.

Kelly made the remarks during her inaugural appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno Monday.

“I’m a straight news anchor, I’m not one of the opinion hosts at Fox,” she told Leno. “But I always laugh, because I’ll have a conservative pull me aside and say, ‘I love your conservative principles,’ and I’ll say, ‘You assume too much.’ And then the liberals will pull me aside and say, ‘I know you’re one of us,’ and I’ll say, ‘You assume too much.’ But I always tell people if they think I’m this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that’s true.”

She then continued on to describe Fox News‘ model of reporting, which includes a mix of having both straight anchors and opinionated hosts on the channel.

“The way we do it on the Fox News Channel is the straight news anchors give a hard time to both sides,” Kelly said. “I don’t care about pandering to the left or the right, I care about protecting my audience. My boss, Roger Ailes, pays me a decent amount of money to go out there and ask questions, because he thinks I know the questions my audience wants answers to.”

Kelly was recently promoted from a daytime anchor to the 9 p.m. prime time slot with her new show, “The Kelly File,” where she is currently leading the ratings race for her against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Piers Morgan.

She and Leno also discussed her transition from practicing law to working in cable news, how she enjoys catching politicians in their unraveling and her opinion of former Congressman and New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

Watch the clip here.


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