The liberal pipe dream ‘life of Julia’ is awfully hard under Obamacare

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, December 11, 2013

IWF IWV Life of Julia

Courtesy of the IWF/IWV

President Barack Obama’s infamous “Julia” has fallen on tough times thanks to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, as detailed by a new Tumblr page by the Independent Women’s Forum and its sister organization, the Independent Women’s Voice.

According to the website, Julia has recently turned 26 – the age in which adults are no longer qualified to stay on their parents’ healthcare plans – and runs her own web design business. Unfortunately, her insurance company sent her a letter informing her that they were canceling her current policy because it was considered to be “substandard” under the new law, and so she is now forced to sign up for insurance through the federal government.

After being convinced by a friend of hers to sign up for government insurance, she visits the exchange’s website to sign up – only to find that the site is broken. She then calls an Obamacare navigator, whoconvinces her to lie about her income so she can qualify for subsidies that will offset the cost of her plan.

Finally, Julia is able to sign up for a plan; however, her monthly payments have doubled, her deductible has skyrocketed and she needed to change networks. She is no longer able to see the doctors she’s been visiting for years because they don’t accept her new insurance plan, and is forced to schedule appointments with primary care doctors months in advance because few doctors are accepting the new plans.

“This is Julia’s life,” the website says. “Don’t let it be yours.”

“Julia’s real story encapsulates the actual experiences of too many American women now that ObamaCare has begun to take effect: cancelled insurance plans, website errors, security concerns, increased premiums, skyrocketing deductibles, losing trusted doctors, and long waiting periods to see new doctors,” IWF and IWV Communications Director Victoria Coley told Red Alert Politics.

“Through the Real Life of Julia we’re telling the other side of the story — the real-life implications – that the White House left out. Starting with the life of Julia’s policy, Real Life of Julia will continue as a series exploring how different policies really impact women, contrary to the promises made by politicians in Washington.”

The website also includes links for ways in which people can contact their legislators to put a stop to the law or share stories about their experiences with the law.


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