[WATCH] Groupon parodies Amazon’s drone delivery with its own wacky new delivery service

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, December 11, 2013

Amazon.com isn’t the only company shaking up the way people receive packages these days. Discount deal site Groupon announced Tuesday that it will also change its shipping process – but rather than drones, the site plans to use Medieval catapults.

“While other companies drone on about their risky, experimental new methods of package delivery, only Groupon is looking forward – by looking back,” the narrator in the video introducing the concept.

Rather than have a mini drone deliver a package to your doorstep, as the online superstore announced Sunday it was looking into, Groupon’s packages will be catapulted from the warehouse to one’s door – eliminating “the flying scary robot” drone from the picture.

“Look, we’re a technology company, but we draw the line at creating autonomous robots that buzz by your house, wake up your sleeping baby…who knows, take pictures of you while you’re in the shower?!?” a Groupon employee says. “What Groupon is about is great deals, great service and Medieval catapults.”

According to the video, Groupon will begin delivering packages via catapult in 2014.

Watch the video below.



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