Wash. grocery store stops girls from singing Christmas carols outside store

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, December 12, 2013

All these two young girls from the Evergreen State wanted to do was spread holiday cheer to the shoppers at their local grocery store.

According to KATU-TV, Ayla Bascom and Kaitlyn Manseau went to the local WinCo near their home in Vancouver, Wash. to help give shoppers “a warm fuzzy feeling” while completing their grocery shopping. The store wasn’t too pleased with the attention the girls were receiving, and asked them to leave the premises less than an hour after they started singing.

“(The employee said) our policy is like we don’t allow carolers or something like that,” Manseau told KATU-TV.

“I was like bummed,” Bascom added. “We were both depressed that we couldn’t spread any more love and joy and cheer.”

The girls told the station how they just wanted to spread holiday cheer, going so far as to make a sign stating that they didn’t want any money for their musical performances. According to KATU-TV, no WinCo shoppers had complained to store management about the girls, and many had even stopped to listen to them.

Management at the store told them to contact the company’s corporate attorney, and according to KATU-TV the girls left a voicemail – complete with a song – asking for permission to go back and sing at the store. They received a return call from WinCo’s corporate attorney, Mike Reed, who told them that the company “has no written policy on that – we do as a company try to remain neutral on some policies.”

Reed also said in his message that he didn’t “see any harm in a couple little girls singing” and gave them permission to continue singing carols at the store.


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