[WATCH] GOP congressional candidate compares party to an old car in campaign ad

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, January 3, 2014

Republicans have been called many things over the years, but an old car is probably not one of them.

In what is likely to be one of the strangest ads of the 2014 cycle, Rodney Lee Conover, a Republican running for Congress in California’s 8th district, delivers a 90-second speech in which he compares the GOP to a beat-up 1972 Ford Ranchero. According to Conover, the car is unreliable and not trustworthy – like the Republican party.

“Like some Republicans in Congress, it’s unreliable, just doesn’t do what you want any more. Can’t put the trust of your family in this car either because, at the most critical moment, don’t know what it’s going to do,” he says in the ad. “It’s nothing personal, this was a great car in its day, but now she’s old. It’s got to be retired. This car has to go,” he adds. The bizarre ad ends with Conover holding a dog in front of a much newer sedan.

According to Talking Points Memo, Conover is a former stand up comedian and producer of low-budget movies who was inspired to run for Congress after learning of a disabled Vietnam veteran who had issues with his federal benefits.

Conover is taking on freshman Republican Paul Cook in the heavily Republican district.

Watch the ad below.


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