New York really wants to get your guns…so says this new map

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, January 21, 2014

Source: Mashable Composite via Wikimedia Commons

Source: Mashable Composite via Wikimedia Commons

Ever find yourself amused by the auto-fill suggestions provided to you when you type a word into Google’s search bar? Turns out you’re not alone.

Mashable recently released a hilarious map of the most frequent “wants” by state nationwide – i.e. the most common thing that people in each of the 50 United States ‘wants’ when they use Google’s autocomplete function. While the most frequent desire was for state secession and/or independence, Americans in other states wanted everything from gun control, workers’ rights and even banning interracial marriage.

Among the craziest non-political states’ wishes are California (“wants to serve a warning with fries”), Arizona (“wants me”) and Illinois (“wants gold registration”).

“The resulting map reads like a list of New Year’s resolutions made by Civil War veterans,” Mashable notes. “Did you know, for example, that more than anything, Wyoming evidently wants an aircraft carrier? Are you close enough to Wisconsin that residents revealed their secret wish to be called ‘The Mitten State?’ Who could forget existential Florida, whose only desire is simply ‘to know.’”

There are, however, a few states on the map that are left blank because – according to Google – “it doesn’t want anything.”

What do your friends and neighbors want? Look for your state on the above map and find out for yourselves.

h/t Mashable


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