Wendy Davis gets boost from Sugar Daddy website

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, January 24, 2014

One thing did go right for Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis this week – the scandal-ridden gubernatorial candidate received a prized accolade from none other than SeekingArrangement.com, the website best known for its ‘Sugar Daddy’ program.

“Wendy Davis, has come under fire by critics who call her ‘the overly ambitious Sugar Baby.’ But Wendy’s story is not uncommon.” SeekingArrangement.com spokeswoman Jennifer Gwynn said in a press release. 

Although the company hasn’t officially offered an endorsement yet, SeekingArrangement.com Founder and CEO Brandon Wade stated his support for the Democrat and hopes that other single mothers will “follow in her steps.”

“Wendy Davis is proof that the sugar lifestyle is empowering. It can take a single mom from squalor to scholar, or in this case from the trailer park to Harvard, and a seat in the Senate,” he said in a press release.

According to SeekingArrangement.com, 561,000 single mothers joined the site in 2013 alone. The website works to match wealthy benefactors with the women “to fill in where their baby daddies dropped out.”

SeekingArrangement.com decided to take a stance on Wendy Davis after a former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, Todd Kincannon, tweeted a mock announcement that Davis had decided to end her campaign for Governor and become a spokeswoman for the dating site.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.47.55 PM

This isn’t the first time that SeekingArrangements.com has wondered its way into the political arena. The website ran a poll in 2012 asking its users whether they preferred Mitt Romney or Barack Obama for president, and encouraged young women to opt-out of enrolling in Obamacare last fall by adopting a ‘Sugar Daddy’ instead.

The site has also been a big hit on college campuses, where the website encourages female co-eds to take on a ‘Sugar Daddy’ to help pay for their education.


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