Conservative ‘Cowboys’? Wyoming named most conservative state in the Union

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, January 31, 2014

Chances are if you live in Wyoming you’re a conservative, according to Gallup’s annual “State of the States” poll.

The study, which was released Friday, found that 51 percent of Wyoming residents identify themselves as political conservative in 2013, taking the title away from 2012 winner Alabama. The Dixie State didn’t fare too well in this year’s study, dropping all the way to tenth place. Rounding out the top six in this year’s study were Mississippi (47.9 percent), Idaho (47.5 percent), Utah (46.9 percent), and Montana and Arkansas (both 45.2 percent).

While Americans are still more likely overall to label themselves as conservative, the gap between liberal and conservative has closed in from previous years’ studies.

Unsurprisingly, the states with larger percentages of conservatives tend to coalesce in the South and West, while the two coasts contain more liberal voters.

The most liberal state in the union isn’t even a state at all – Washington, D.C. – where 38.1 percent of residents consider themselves to be liberal. Rounding out the top five are Vermont (32.4 percent), Massachusetts (30.2 percent), Delaware (29.3 percent) and New York (28.2 percent).

The behaviors of the most liberal and conservative states in the country also mimic how those states voted in recent presidential elections.  The top ten conservative states all cast their electoral ballots for Arizona Sen. John McCain in 2008 and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012, while President Barack Obama won all ten of the top liberal states those same years.

Gallup conducted a nationwide telephone study of 178, 527 adults from January 2-29, 2014. The margin of error for the study is +/- 1 percent. 


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