[WATCH] Bill Maher discloses the secret to successfully running for President

Katie LaPotin, Red Alert Politics, February 15, 2014

During the “New Rule” segment of his show Friday night, Bill Maher disclosed the secret to running a successful presidential campaign: Run while you can, because the longer you wait, the more baggage you have and the more sick and tired people are of you.

“Voters say they want experience, but time after time a party nominates the guy we don’t know that well, and he wins,” Maher said. “And when they nominate the older guy who’s waited his turn, they lose – Bob Dole, Al Gore, John McCain, John Kerry, Walter Mondale, Mitt Romney. America looked at all of them and said ‘Where’s the mystery?’ ‘Where’s the romance?’ And, in John McCain’s case, ‘Where’s the pulse?”

The HBO host continued to attributed President Barack Obama’s successful 2008 bid to this phenomenon, as the first-term Illinois Senator chose to run at a time when the Democratic Party had all but coalesced around the person whose turn it supposedly was to win the nomination – Hillary Clinton.

“In America, the ideal candidate for office is someone no one knows, like Barack Obama in 2007,” he stated. “If he had waited another four years to run, voters might have caught on that underneath his chocolate coating there was a creamy layer of intellect, and that never goes well with America.”

“Much better to be a blank canvas before you’ve cast all those votes that can be twisted in attack ads, before you’ve made enemies and left a paper trail, before your dick pics go viral,” he added.

Maher then started to dissect how this theory impacts two 2016 frontrunners – Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. With Clinton, Maher notes how Republicans plan to use “Monicagate” against her, as if it “was Hillary’s fault that her husband got blown in the ’90s, like she was in on it.”

Expectedly, Maher had much harsher words for the Garden State politician, who’s seen his stock take a sharp dive in recent weeks as a result of “Bridgegate.”

“He could have – and should have run – in 2012, back when he still had that ‘new candidate smell.’ Back when the public didn’t look at him and think ‘scandal’, they looked at him and thought ‘Thank god humans invented clothing’.”

“Three months ago, Christie was such a shoe-in for the White House they were practically measuring which wall to knock down to get the fork lift in, but now he’s 350 pounds of toast,” he added.”

Nonetheless, Maher still thinks politicians have their work cut out for them: “Politicians are like suede jackets. There are cheap ones and expensive ones, but once they get rain on them, they all look like shit,” he concluded.

Watch the segment in full here.

h/t Mediaite


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