About Me

From politics to Philadelphia sports and culture, Katie LaPotin has an opinion on just about everything!

Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, her love of politics came at an early age and by high school she was known as a firebrand of conservatism at her suburban Philadelphia high school. In fact, many still believe she was gipped when another student received the “Most Republican Student” award at graduation over her.

Katie took her Philadelphia personality and love of politics to Washington after graduation, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors from American University in Political Science and was an active force in the school’s College Republican chapter and student government. Not quite finished with academia, Katie then completed her Master’s degree with honors from the London School of Economics in Political Communications.

Katie currently works as an account executive at FLS Connect, a leading voter contact and grassroots services firm for Republican candidates, non-profits and corporations. Previously, she has worked as an editor at Red Alert Politics, and in a variety of roles at a political public relations firm, several federal- and state-level campaigns, a national Republican polling firm, and a conservative Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom among others. Katie has also contributed to Campaign and Elections’ “Campaign Insiders” blog and was a board member for the non-profit organization Seedlings, an organization devoted to educating people about sustainable living.


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